It's Been One Year!!!!

by Chandler

Been Blessed

Wow. One year. First off, praise the Lord. This organization has been blessed to grow and flourish as much as it has because of the Lord, and because of the person who is reading this right now. We’d literally be nothing without your tremendous support so thank you thank you THANK YOU.

Been Grateful

It’s hard to imagine a time when the Bridge wasn’t a part of my life. It some ways, we live and breathe this organization. It can be a lot but every breath has been worth it. The women on this team have changed my life and continue to do so each day. I say that with 100 percent sincerity, no exaggeration. I’m not sure if they understand how every piece that has gone up, every event that has been planned, every flyer that has been sent out, leaves me in a state of gratefulness. For them to give us their time and their stories is remarkable. It is something I will never take for granted.

Been Poppin’

Now I could talk about how the talents of Black and Latina women are so often overlooked or how we have to work harder than many just to get a minute to be listened to, but instead I’m just going to do what this site aims to do: let everyone know, we poppin. It doesn’t matter what is thrown our way, what oppression decides to pop up this time, Black and Latina women persevere and flourish, always. From a team of 20 to 80, this community is to the brim with talented women. Continue to support, continue to come out to events, continue to recognize and celebrate this amazing and incredible women.

by Eliza

One year. It’s had to be longer, must have been, because to think of a time before The Bridge, of a time where I didn’t place so much of myself into this movement of Black and Latinx women appears far too murky for me, a time too far away from where we are now. To perch my eyes on all of the content before it’s put up on the site is a joy, an unbounded excitement, I only wish every one I know could experience. To be inspired by a team of nearly eighty is to be spoiled, to be sprinkled by their magic is to indulge in a beauty others may not realize until far too late - so I’m lucky. The talent and magnificence spread by the team is one that stands on its own, but it’s you, the one who takes the time to read it, to see it, to feel it, to hear it, who brings a needed spark to the movement, who I am also indebted to. The Bridge is a place I am incredibly grateful for - a place for Black and Latinx women by Black and Latinx women, a thought that when said out loud could bring chills to one who never could have imagined such an idea be brought to life. The revolution is found scattered throughout the work, so take a while and appreciate all of the goodness found in each piece of art or poem or spoken word or attend one of our events and take in, and celebrate with us, the one year of work!

by Persis

Thank you.

I go to a Bridge event and find faces that are sharp, caring, and kind. Faces that want to change the world, and are actively doing it. Faces that make me want to wake up in the morning.

Thank you.

I go online to and find talent that is unbelievable and stunning. Poems that make my cheeks wet. Paintings that spark my imagination. Dance videos that inspire me to move. Words that help me speak.

Thank you.

I go out into the world, blabbing on about the Bridge, and I get responses of excitement, of curiosity, of inspiration. Support that, on those hard days, seems to pump fresh blood in my veins and strengthen my tired bones so that I don't want to rest.

Thank you.

You. You reading this right now. Thank you for being here with us. The Bridge is here for you.


Thanks from all of us! 

Eliza Moreno