Transnational Chronicles

transnational chronicles: when home means more than one place.


and while you break your teeth to keep your tongue and you seek healing by stitching the gaps they will spit you out from the mouth because you taste foreign.



don't be nervous

you won't even notice 

you won't notice the transition 

from being ghanaian

to being african

to being black

to being person of color


don't be nervous

you won't even have to decide which you want to be

the choice isn't yours

perhaps in this there is a freedom



and when you call your grandmother on the phone

and she asks when you'll be coming to see her

you must lie and say sometime this year

even though you know

that has been your response

for the past

8 years

do it for her heart

-gofundme back home


i've always hated math

but somehow

i've become a mathematician

calculating the number of hours between us

plotting how many oceanic galaxies it will take to get to you

dividing the ventricles of my heart and dedicating each one to a different home


Elaine Dodoo