The Disruption

She says, “These little black boys don’t know how to behave in public”

The rowdy ones were laughing and playing at the end of the subway station

Mouths wide open and free

Tugging and pushing at each other

With bright and hopeful eyes

And everyone is annoyed

They interrupted the space with their joy

Their joy was loud

It rang uninterrupted

And pushed through everyone and everything

When a black boy can laugh

It is the most beautiful sound

And still some will try to silence the melodies and songs of the angels

With smooth untouched skin

They are nothing short of miracles

And still this world tries to snuff out the light

This world will end all the childlike wonder they have to offer

And this is nothing short of evil

And even now with all the terror and darkness that surrounds

The fear and walls and isolation

The divide

You can still hear the black boys laughing

Running round


Taking up space

As they smile with mouths wide open


Ashley Croker-Benn