The Nation of You vs. Me


The curses we bound our allegiance to

Because apparently the image of me can’t be made, without the negative of you

Too sad to be blue, cause they’d spit at my boo-hoos

And it’s a shame


It’s all become a game

Our lives

Our rights

Our freedom

This fight

Even our time seems like a waste

Cause in haste it’s often dismissed

The pissed

Overly frisked

The shooed away with the flick of a wrist

Couldn’t believe that this is the day and age of lists


Building walls and holding citizenship captive

Yet the cage belongs to beasts here, but we’ve adapted

To let them roam free and be hyperactive

Spewing alternative facts, and be careful it’s radioactive

And I clench


My eyes tight, as tears spill

My empty heart as it tries to refill

My voice loud and shrill

My fist high in the air, instead of ready for the kill

And I want more


It’s not good enough to settle the score

An eye for an eye will leave to whole world sore

So I ask of people, I even implore

To think of more then themselves, see


Forecasts aren’t sunny, they

Forebode the worst of storms, but we must

For-go the feeling of fear

Forget the lines we’ve drawn, to

Focus on the road to come

Because these Four, are more than just years to get through


Dear Nation mend our broken heart

I refuse to be separated and apart

Give me liberty

Give me freedom

Give me unity

Give me WE


Amaree Gardner