I am reborn.

I am allowed to be reborn.

You are allowed to love yourself unlike you have before.

To uncover, rediscover, and fall back in love…

In love with the curl of your hair.

The way you giggle in moments of silence.

The way the sun adorns your skin.

You are reborn.



You are allowed to be reborn.

Allowed to accept all of you.

Allowed to be a better version of who you used to be.


Allowed to stand up straight when

Things aren’t going.

When things aren’t going.

When everything is at a standstill.


Allowed to clean up the spill of your mistakes from lessons you’re learning,

and learning,

and learning.


Like a sunflower

You can bloom through weeds.

You’re allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress.


We are reborn, because we allow ourselves to be.

To be dynamic people.

To refuse to accept any stagnant version of thee.

You are allowed to be, reborn.

Allowed to bear hug rejection, and

Cheer on the victories of others.

To fail and fail fast, and to not be afraid of

Your magic.

Your power.

Your strength.

Because baby,

That’s where your fear stems from…


But, you’re allowed to reborn.








Sascha Enders