Chronicles of a Foodie: Summer in Durham

Hello lovely ladies! I hope everyone has been having a fabulous summer traveling, learning, and of course eating! Last year I was blessed to be able to experience and consume food from all around the globe. But this summer, I thought I would keep it close to home and explore Duke’s backyard: good ole’ Durham! I’ve had such an amazing food experience here, and I want to share some food and drinks with you that you must try when you return to campus! Enjoy!

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What: Tuna with crispy rice, avocado, and truffled soy

Restaurant: M Sushi

Rating: 10/10. This is the real deal. If you like sushi or crispy rice, why haven’t you been here yet?! Everything on the menu is very fresh and bursting with flavors. Your taste buds will thank you!

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What: Fried flounder plate with slaw salad and crispy seasoned potatoes with green peppers and onions

Restaurant: Saltbox Seafood Joint

Rating: 10/10. This is some of the freshest fish you will ever eat, and is extremely well seasoned! As stated on their website, “the variety of fish items can vary depending on what has been caught by the fisherman … all menu items are made fresh and never frozen” so that means once they run out of fish for the day, they’re closed – so you betta get there early girl cause this place is always poppin!

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What: Red velvet cupcake with rainbow sprinkles

Bakery: Favor Desserts

Rating: 10/10. YALL. THIS CUPCAKE LOVER FINALLY FOUND A BOMB CUPCAKE PLACE IN DURHAM. The icing and cake both meet my very high standards: creamy icing and a moist cake! Cupcake lovers rejoice‼‼

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What: Good ole’ chicken and waffles!

Restaurant: Nzinga’s Breakfast Cafe

Rating: 8/10. Surprise, surprise! This is NOT Dame’s chicken and waffles! But it is very good, so if you’re ever craving chicken and waffles and don’t want to deal with the crowds at Dame’s, check this place out and I’m sure you will be pleased!

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What: Avocado Toast

Restaurant: Happy and Hale

Rating: 7/10. So I had a basic moment, but hey avocado toast is healthy! Pretty solid avocado toast, but boy is this place pricey! Let your wallet beware!

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 1.37.36 PM.png

What: Shaved Ice

Place: Pelican’s SnoBalls

Rating: 10/10. Ya’ll‼‼ This place is amazing. The shaved ice is delicious and they have over 100 flavors to choose from! And for anyone that hates when a snow cone place gives you just a tiny bit of syrup, this place makes sure your ice is bursting with syrupy, sugary, flavor. So yes, this is a must try.

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What: Cider (The alcoholic kind)

Place: Bull City Ciderworks

Rating: 11/10. I’m giving this place an extra point because of the great experience and vibes it exudes. For anyone that doesn’t know, cider is not beer! Cider is made from fermented apples, so yes it is alcoholic! This place is great because they have so many ciders to choose from (cherry flavor, tea and honey flavor, passion fruit flavor, and more!) and you can taste them before you buy a glass. Or if you’re still indecisive, you can buy a flight of 4 (shown above) for only $10! The best part is once you get your drank, they have a bunch of board games and cards to play with your friends! Issa goodt time.

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What: Lemonade slushy with a bomb pop!

Place: My Apartment

Rating: 10000/10. Cause ya girl made this ya’ll! This was super easy to make and so refreshing for this summertime heat! All you need to do is freeze your favorite lemonade in an ice tray, blend those ice cubes with a little bit of water (or alcohol if tryna get litty), unwrap your bomb pop, and violá! A nice fancy drank for you!

Savannah Fusaro