Seeking Love

You were born into this world

Without distinction, class, or name

You were given a chance at life

Without knowing how to play the game


You were raised with morals, values

and beliefs that seemed to follow

You around ‘til the end of time

But yet you still felt hollow


You yearned for another soul

To complete yours wholly

You searched across the world

For that love so fully


Tender and true, you sought

Exploring depths of the ocean

That is your heart

For a chance of love’s motion


To touch the hem of love

Would be too much

But you couldn’t care less

You just wanted a touch


But you stared at it

First thing at day break

And saw love in its

True form, for goodness sake


It enveloped you

With its cloak

And took you in

When you spoke


Your gestures and voice

Knew it by name

But you failed to see

How you won the game


No longer empty inside

Or incomplete

Because what you sought

Was right underneath


You need not a title

To know who you are

Made full of love and purpose

Destined to go far


Under the hands of the All Mighty

Who knew you before formation

To give you abundant life

You’re His creation.

Kenia Ruiz