Shorts About Women


She has the face I love the most.

And though we never got a chance to meet each other,

I see her every day.

She is my biggest smile.

She is my hundred different laughs.

She is the first light I see every morning.

And as long as I have her, I know I’ll be alright.



I’m stuck between happiness and shame

Because my current love is sure to end in pain.

Because even though my heart and yours may have been made the same,

Mine feels a little different and that’s where I fucked up the game.

Because we’re all here to live.

And we all live to die.

With a goal to return to our home on high.

And we all wanna make it.

But its hard to picture me

Hearing “Well done my child” when I know

With Her is where I wanna be.



I once met a girl named Morning.

And I declare she was all that and more.

Morning was unforgettable.

She was the type of girl you didn’t notice on her entrance but rather on her exit

Because the lack of her presence seemed to make the lights grow dimmer

And the room less spirited.

She brought the sun with her.

And left the moon behind her.

And she was a force to be reckoned with.



When a boy writes you a poem

He may acknowledge you as a gift from God.

Agree with him.

You are a gift as precious as an unborn child.

One that forces a boy to become a man before he can be in its presence.

One that forces a man to think about his future as he anticipates its arrival.

One that forces a man to direct his future’s revolution around it the minute he lays eyes on it.



I've been purposely appreciating myself

To make up for all the times I accidentally didn't

And I'm very proud of it.

Appreciation yielded Care.

Care yielded Love.

And Love yielded Happiness.

I'm happy.

Carla Beachem