Bantu Knots

8 years old

momma wanted to put some bantu knots in her daughter’s hair

but daughter was afraid


all those girls in tartan plaid dresses and crisp collars, all those boys in white button downs, navy shorts, and tall socks, all those kids with straight hair and standard cuts


all those kids at school


They would laugh at her surely, they would make fun

so daughter begged mother, not to do such a frightening thing



18 years old

daughter has bantu knots

put in by momma herself

feeling so free and fearless

not afraid of the kids laughing

secure to appreciate herself and how she’s been created

no longer feeding off the acceptance of others, no longer afraid of their misunderstanding


fully accepted in Christ and resting in His favor


bobbin’ around with beautiful planets crowning her head, walking about with an African praise in her step

singing “I have no reason to fear // I have no reason to worry // The Lord is my light // The Lord is my light!


{happy black girls and bright Sundays}

Gloria Esosa Asemota