Homeostasis 101

Homeostasis is balance.

Your body is constantly at work trying to maintain this balance.

Despite the daily abuses you put it through.

However, if you take heed to what we tell you today you can help

this process move along much easier.


Homeostasis 101


1.          Consider this: If you ever find yourself falling asleep instead of going to sleep, you’re doing something wrong.

2.          Cry. Don’t let simple ideologies of being too sensitive block your tear ducts and your blessings. Let that hurt go, let it wash away your sorrows before you drown in them.

3.          Drink ya water. Hydration equals Rejuvenation. Let the natural spoils of this earth enrich your life with a vigor that will refresh your mind, body, and spirit.

4.          Mind ya business. To actively mind you and yours is a rebellious act of self-care in a world that will eagerly take pieces of you until there’s none left.

5.          Be loud! Be loud in a world that prefers when you’re silent. There is unimaginable power in your words so please, for all our sake, be as loud as you can for as long as you can.

6.          Meditate. Be still your mind. When the world’s roaring leaves you bleeding in the ears as much as your heart, be still, close your eyes, take deep breaths, and relax. While chaos moves around you, find the calm within yourself.

7.          Forgive everyone. But before that forgive yourself.

8.          Laugh. Sometimes it is better to slap ya knee instead of Billy because of the ignorant shit that dared to leave his mouth.

9.          What is meant for you will always be yours. If it leaves, don’t wait for it to come back. It only means something greater is on the way.

Love yourself. Unconditionally. Fervently. Passionately. Love. Yourself. Because sweetie, who is going to love those geeky comments and punny jokes more than you. Look in the mirror and realize that the future, past and present wonders of the world are staring right back at you with those beautiful eyes. You are wonderful. Realize this and you will become your own passion. A continuous work of art, a project where the only people on payroll are you, tu, y tus mismo. When they ask about your love life, tell them you are loving yourself in all of the right way