Final Symptoms of Love

Coming back to school will have you ready to “pop out” any and everywhere. You’re feeling refreshed from summer break and you’re ready to make a 4.0. You’re feeling good, looking better and you know it’s about to be “cuffing” season. Like any other 20something you want to be loved, but how do you know when you’re the first to have fallen…



You Google “Symptoms of Love”

Why Google love if you’re not in it, right?

You use a search engine to look for the answers to your:

Sleepless nights thinking about him

His lips blessing yours

Tugging at your bottom lip

His hands pressed prestigiously on your back

Indicating his luck and your approval.

Thinking of the way that he smiles when he calls you beautiful like it’s your name.

Answers to why there are these feelings in your stomach that used to not exist.  



You can’t imagine life without him in it anymore.

Questioning why God let you go so long without him in your life

Because he was one of His best creations

Everything is you plus one.

Reservations for two

Every TV Ad is “Ooo we should go there”

Every movie trailer is “We should go see that when it comes out”

Looking for date spot hashtags on Instagram

Every living second is spent thinking of him and what he’s doing

But every one of those seconds feels lifeless without him



You wanna cook for him.

Your mom always told you that a way to a man’s heart was a good meal but it was your heart that was already had

Was it an indication of your unprofessed love for him?

You’re willingness to spend your blood sweat and tears cooking a meal that doesn’t even compare to his grandma’s.



You’re willing to do any and everything for this one person.

Whether it be calling in and lying to your boss that you’re sick when you just wanted to be in this one person’s presence a little while longer

You don’t even talk to each other

You just stare




You’re scared because you can’t picture him hurting you.

The thought of him hurting you scares you because its bound to happen

Not intentionally but love hurts.

Love’s hurt is like a paper cut.

You never know how much it’ll hurt until it happens.

It sneaks up on you and has you swearing and wishing you were more careful.

Love will have you feeling like a fool.

Love will have you questioning the whole human race

Why did you trust a human being with something so precious, so valuable?

Why did you trust THIS human being?


You know you’re in love when you’d rather put alcohol on the paper cut and let it burn

Numb and paralyzed.

He’s your drug and you’re addicted

Cloud 9.


Love is crazy. Love is wild. Love will have you in denial

Googling shit as if you already didn’t know.

Love is looking for the answers when you already know

Why trust Google and not your heart?

Elarnta Darden