Achromatic Exodus

My difference is not a deficit,
it is powerful in the fact that it is definite
and based on overcoming a past prejudiced prerequisite.
I don't mean to sound too eloquent, too educated, too intelligent.
You'll call me a rarity simply because you expected a different temperament.
Your initial expectation was wrong and your surprise extremely evident,
all because you saw one rap concert that set a mindless precedent.
Just because I am of a darker complexion doesn't mean I'm "ghetto" or lacking proper etiquette.
I'm not extra I'm not gangsta or any other stereotypical element.
The threat of my success is eminent,
underestimation would be to your detriment,
cause I refuse to let my race become an impediment and have finally accepted that my color is
So if God is a perfectionist,
then I'm in the glow up phase of development,
and my personal progress acts as a testament of a prolonged, achromatic exodus.
My skin may have tint but it is not taint,
it does not taint,
I am not tainted,
solely because of how the surface is painted.
Inside I am warmth,
I am depth,
I am more than soft curves and thighs that rub when I step.
Vertical embodiment of a horizontal desire,
they try to knead this brown clay into what they require,
but I'm like a priceless piece of artwork that can never be acquired.
Or maybe I'm the poet performing prose meant to inspire,
simply seeking to share the words of my undaunted youth,
I am living within the definition of my own truth.

Alesia Devlin