An Ode to Black Women

I am a 19 going on 20 year old black woman
i am learning what it means to be a black woman and what the world wants to do to a black woman and how it treats black women
you see because America loves to feign love for black women
Call her first lady and ape at the same time, black woman
America loves to rape black women and take for granted black women
tear down black women and expect us to climb broken ladders and twisted jungle gyms to help them back up
black women the load we carry on our backs is pushing its way into our chest and demanding attention
peripheral vision ain't enough black women
we need to see from all sides because the enemy is everywhere
black women build black men, black boys, and black girls from their love like clay and knead them into perfectionbecause we need them to survive in this imperfect world
black women nurture the egos and prides of white men and white women
who hurt and laugh and prey on black women
please pray for blackwomen
please pray for me
because these jungle gyms weren't made for me
and I cracked my knee falling from knotted ropes unto glass ceilings
because this life ain't worth 63 cents to the white dollar
black woman aren't paid enough
black women we have paid enough in our blood, sweat, and tears
and all that we have left is our soul
but food for thought we cannot let ourselves go
hang on black woman
our time is coming
the bridges are burning black women
Ruby sparked a nation at 6 years old
So i say this again, hang on to black women
you aren't expected to all the time but stay strong black women
black women do you even know what it means to be a black woman
like how sometimes you cry so much that you can't take it, black women
hate on black women
Shake that witch off your back black women
You know who that witch is
Who threatens your sanity
Your very existence
You gotta Uplift black women
Be kind to black women
And when a nigga tries to overstep his boundaries
Step up for your girls, black women
Black women do you not understand
Struggle and pain make up our veins but glory and success run through them
Black women you are every shade the of sea and the sky, the mountains and the moon
You were anointed and baptized in the garden of Eden
From the beginning to end you will be loved by me,  ablackwoman
Even though I am still learning what it means to be a black woman
Even though being a black woman is all that I have ever known
And all i will know
19 going ona 20 year old black woman
  I love black women

Cameron Ulmer