Flaws and All

Flaws and All
She awakes from the daze lasting for 6 hours
She rolls from her bed
And stumbles to her mirror
She squints
and sees the blemishes that cover her face
Her acne marks from when she was 13
The mole inherited from her grandmother
She rinses her face hoping to rid
Of yesterday’s troubles
She examines her teeth as
She reaches for her toothbrush
She smiles
Exposing her childhood overbite and the gaps between her teeth
She returns to her lair to undress herself and prepare for the day
She caresses the stripes that lay upon her hips, stomach, and thighs
The marks that signify woman
She clothes herself in garments fit for a queen
And in strength and dignity
She puts on her eyes
Looks at her cracked reflection
And Says
I Am Beautiful

Michele Nsianya