Falsified hopes,

Classified opportunities,


Broad stripes and bright stars,

Lands of conditional freedom,

Representing a country behind bars.


A home for the enslaved.

We pledge allegiance to this system

Of the divided states of America.

The land of the free. *


Perfected discrimination and conscious deviation

Created this nation.

This nightmare has taken our past

and refuses to give us a future, yet

We dream at night knowing

Morning will bring our aspirations to an end.


For you, tomorrow means a light

At the end of this tunnel we call night.

For us, the blackness characterizes a place of comfort,

A safe haven that never welcomed you.

I can understand why you fear the dark.


You see, this darkness is a place you will never know.

I guess that is why you’re so damn ignorant.

Your closed mouth suits your closed mind,

So it’s probably best that you stay silent, Sam.


*Terms and conditions will apply.

Hailey Mason