To Be A Butterfly Among Bees

They say in college your only competition is yourself.

But I couldn’t help but think that my skin made me an exception to that rule.

And that’s why I was afraid of coming to a PWI.

Let me just apologize in advance for this honesty...

Sorry, but not Sorry.

I was afraid I’d work like a dog to compete with the majority

But to them, I’d just be a hard working dog.

I’d walk proudly in my skin like I have for 18 years, 5 months, and 28 days,

But I’d really be crumbling inside.


I was afraid of being a caterpillar in the presence of bees

Afraid of finally emerging from my cocoon only to be overlooked and underestimated.

Buzzed around and ignored in the beehive I chose to be in.

I was afraid I’d spend four years in the wrong environment looking for something

I’d never get there because it wasn’t meant to foster my kind of growth.

Knowing that no one here would understand my struggle,

I was afraid of coming to a PWI, wishing I could be with other butterflies.

Carla Beachem