No Justice, No Peace

Flashing lights, bodies tight
Draws the gun, fight or flight
My hands are up.
I'm lying down.
I'm twelve years old, now on the ground.
I'm fourteen.
I was sleep.
Had baby girl in the backseat.
These are all the stories of the now deceased,
Stories of the strangest fruit I've ever seen.
Blood in the roots, but not the leaves.
It pools from wounds, all made with ease.
It soaks in, the concrete streets.
It haunts the air, it haunts my dreams.
Life is short, not guaranteed.
But damn I'm black so does that mean
My darker hues should mean death for me
Before I’m due, before it’s my time to leave?
We’re not terrorists, not crooks nor cons.
Terrorism is open fire in a place of God,
Not black power fists, not wearing a hijab.
See it's funny 'cause when you’re the rules and laws,
Judge, jury, executioner, and all
You’ll switch things up, bend the truth, to right all of your wrongs.
So there will never be justice for a kid with skin like Trayvon.
Criminals of permission are prowling the streets
Mind your p’s and q’s son, or a hashtag you shall be.
“No freedom ‘til we’re equal”, “no justice no peace”,
“Black Lives Matter” are what we’ll chant ‘til we see,
Bigger steps taken towards equality.

Tamari J