Guess I was just black in the wrong place, you saw my skin before you saw the kid in the back

but you’re gonna shoot me in front of her anyway


If I wanted to pull my gun out on you there would be no warning.

My license is in my black pocket–I mean–back pocket,

could you just wait for me to get it for ya, officer


I didn’t have any reason to want to shoot you, but you; you were all too ready to pull that gun on me–

officer I’m

not a scared trigger-happy bitch like you–you were just looking for a kill,

I was the closest target–

officer, I’m not

gonna pull my gun out.

If you wanted to make sure I didn’t use it on you, one shot would’ve been enough


God forbid I be black and have a gun too

that’s two weapons strapped to me


officer I’m not reaching


If you won’t take pity on me, look at the little girl in the backseat, she doesn’t deserve to see me bleed like this.

Officer I’m not reaching for

my gun

was still in my pocket when you killed me.

my girlfriend was right next to me

and her daughter saw everything,

officer I’m not reaching for it


Deborah Olaniyan