A Strange Baptism

“Damn, it’s hot,” I huffed as I stopped to sit on a moss-covered stump.

“That looks nice and cool.”

My gaze followed Sabrina’s finger through a pair of towering pines and came to rest on a stream. It did look cool with its swift current and clear water.

“Yeah, let’s splash some on our face as someth - What are you doing?”

Sabrina had begun walking down the hill, shedding layers as she went.

“I’m getting in,” she said with a shrug of her now exposed shoulders.

“Why are you getting naked?”

“The fuck am I supposed to do? Get my clothes soaking wet?”

I stared from my stump, flabbergasted, as Sabrina molted the rest of her clothing and waded into the brook.

“Come on, Ava!”

With a groan, I hauled myself to my feet. I was going to be beyond stiff tomorrow. I had a bad habit of letting Sabrina lead me into situations that eventually led to pain. Usually, our escapades resulted in a hangover but it appeared my punishment for today would be sore thighs.

“I don’t see the appeal of this hiking bullshit.”

“I like admiring God’s creation,” she explained, motioning toward the surrounding foliage.

“It is pretty out here,” I conceded.

Sabrina took a seat in the stream, the water stopping just below her breasts. I pulled off my shoes and stepped in. The water felt refreshing as it glided over my feet. I dug my toes into the layer of smooth pebbles on the bed and admired the cloud of silt that materialized.

“You’re not gonna get in?” Sabrina inquired as she tapped the surface of the flood, creating little ripples.

“What if someone sees us?”

“We’ll just sink down so they can’t see our titties.”

“I’m good here. You don’t want to see these rolls,” I assured her.

“Bitch, you’re not fat. Just get in the water. I feel weird being the only one naked.”

“You are weird.”

Sabrina sent a torrent of liquid in my direction in mock anger.


Pulling off my sweatshirt was easy, but I hesitated to go further. I couldn’t compete with Sabrina’s toned limbs. She would judge my squishy stomach, laugh at the cellulite on my backside, chide me for my ungroomed nether regions.

A bead of sweat dripped from my hairline into my eyelashes and I decided to hell with it. The September breeze felt nice against my skin once I pulled off the remainder of my clothes. I dove in.

From below the surface, I heard Sabrina laugh as the stream enveloped all the beautiful imperfections of my form.

Cameryn Goodman