A Reminder

You’ve reached a level that no one before you had the privilege to see. Now, the things that once excited you have become mundane, and you have forgotten the original thrill of it all. You are in constant search of the next thing that will add to your new-found sense of elevation, and seem to know no other home than this self-made pedestal that you now claim. You have forgotten those that made you.

You have forgotten that the cost of this luxury was the pretty penny of sacrifice and struggle of those before you. You have forgotten the mouths that whispered prayers that should have come from your lips. You have forgotten that the stones you walk on were first organized and laid in the mind of a black man. You have forgotten that this place was not made with your kind in mind. You have forgotten those that made you.

Don’t forget that that pedestal would crumble without its foundation. Don’t forget that “He so loved the world,” and there should never be a night where your knees aren’t bent and your hands aren’t clasped. Don’t forget that before this was your reality it was nothing more than their dream. Don’t forget that there is work to be done, you are not there yet. Don’t forget those that made you.

Kiki Philson