A Letter to Young Women

Ladies, live your lives freely

We are 18,19, 20, 21, and so on

We have our whole lives to worry

And that temporary problem we have will soon be gone


We are the future leaders

the mothers of our future children

the partners of future spouses

We are the new generation


So get out of the toxic relationship

with the man who doesn’t treat you like a queen

Seek the friends who will be there in your time of need

And stay with the family who makes you feel loved


So to the young woman who is battling depression

talk to someone

To the young woman who is being harassed

call the police

To the young woman whose partner hits her

run and never look back


We are too strong to succumb to the things that make us weak

We are too beautiful to deal with the things that make us ugly

We are too happy to tolerate the things that make us sad

And we are too into our future to look back to our past


Ladies, love yourselves

Be the person you pride yourself in bein’

And you soon will be the person you dreamed of seein’




Michele Nsianya