Chronicles of A Foodie: Food Equals Love

Food = Love

Everyone has a love language, whether that be words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, physical touch, or acts of service. I think it will be of no surprise to you all that one of my languages of love is food! There are few other words I love hearing more than, “have you eaten yet?” “are you hungry?” “you want me to bring you food?” or, “let me cook for you”. Like, YAS! Below are some foods that were homemade by me, or my best friends: Lesley Chen-Young, Chris Lea, and Chris Taylor. Enjoy!


Roasted Chicken and Peppers (LCY)


Pineapple Chicken Spinach Pizza (Chris Lea)


Jamaican Oxtail with Coconut Rice (Chris Taylor)


Steak and Roasted Peppers (Me)



Oven Baked Buffalo and Honey BBQ Chicken Wings (Chris Taylor and I)


Beef Queso Dip (Chris Taylor and I)

Savannah Fusaro