I’m met with the affirmative “mmhmm” of expectation  
Call out, "see you soon though,"
And wonder about the future
I stop mid-type
Savoring the patience of the hour
Slipping into the silky routine lilt of her voice
Yet I do not feel trapped
I have not seen it for hours
Outside there is a sky
My laptop open in front of me
The phone resting on the inside of my thigh
I “mmhmm” in the expected places,
Her voice is soothing even in its scalding tone
I feel safe in you even when we are apart
We communicate without wordsthe the bonds of nature are slowly growing
You're right

See you soon, sis.

There is a strength here that is assured
I know that on bright days or dark nights
We will always have the time
Hello, sis
You are always there
So that I never need to be scared.