A Letter to a Sister

Letter to a Sister,

College will take a lot out of you. There is a lot of pressure to be constantly running at 100 miles an hour, at all times, and I’m gonna level with you, Sis, this is highly unrealistic. I’m constantly learning this and I’m a junior.

It’s important to constantly remember that while we are all striving for a Hot Girl Semester, we need to take a Hot Girl Self-Care Break. Take a Hot Girl Second To Yourself. Pushing your body and mind to the limits will make you spiritually sick. Take a second, or an hour, to focus on yourself and not your work. Do a mask, take a nap, put an unessential work on hold. Go out with your girls, go out with your boo, go out with yourself.

College will take a lot out of you, so that gives you more of a reason to take more time for you. Focus on caring for yourself as often as possibly because at the end of the day, you are the most important part of your day.



A Sister ♥

Eliza Smith