ABCs of Black Hair


Bantu Knots

Cornrows, these are the styles that I contemplate for tomorrow. But first I need to

Detangle and add some

EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Frohawked up or

Gelled down? Depends on how things are after this

Hot oil treatment,
Indian Hemp Grease scalp massage,

JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) and  

Keratin. My hair will be strong enough for anything; whether it be

Locs or

Micro braids, I can wear it



Permed, because either way, I’m still a

Queen. Just like how curls are when you wear them in

Rods, each unique and perfect.

Senegalese twists,

Two-strand twists, and

Urban twists -- say that three times fast while I pop some

Vitamin B…..can’t forget the biotin

Wavy weave? Maybe I’ll pick up some

Xpression hair.  Better yet i’ll stick with

Yarn twist….so many choices, but remember loves, without

Zinc, hair growth is hindered, so take care of yourself and keep radiating magic.

Damilola Oke