T is for trusting in His word completely and wholeheartedly.

H is for healing created by His unfailing love.

A is for audacity of claiming to live a better life according to his purpose.

N is for newness as He is continuously able to change and mold my heart.

K is for kindheartedness to forgive and love others because God first forgave and loved me.

F is for fruitfulness as a figure that constantly leads more and more people to Christ

U is for unshakable when proclaiming the gospel and expressing how good he has been.

L is for love because He is the greatest representation of Love.

As I was worshipping this morning, I decided to listen to gospel singer Tasha Cobbs and I stumbled upon the song “Smile.” Here’s my favorite part of the song:

“You won’t let me Down

You won’t break my heart

You won’t let me fall

So I give it to you”

Knowing that there is such goodness in the world makes Him the symbol of my thankfulness. No longer do I need to fear the idea of vulnerability because he won’t disappoint me. I can be fully real with God when I’m sad, confused, excited, and anxious. His love and the relationship I have with Him is by far the most important thing in my life, and since his grace alone is sufficient, I recognize that all of my blessings, even my wonderful friends and family, come from Him. His love for me is shown through his guidance through friendships, relationships, and this crazy world we call college.


Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 2.35.14 PM.png

For all of these things, I say thank you.

Idalis French