Endless Love

About a month ago, my best friend told me about a video he thought I’d enjoy. Intrigued, I clicked the link, and the video displayed this title: “Something Every Girl Needs to Hear." At first, I really didn’t think much of it and figured it would be similar to things I’d heard before. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

The self-help videos I’ve come across while surfing the Internet have always claimed the narrative that we are to “love ourselves.” Okay… I guess. But what does that really look like? What can we really do to begin the act of completely cherishing ourselves?

In the video, Youtuber Alyssa Bethke asked a rhetorical question to all of the women watching. She said, “What if we actually believed we are who God says we are?” Then I thought about it. If I realized that I was encompassed in a swallowing, unchanging, immeasurable love, that my mistakes did not define who I was, that I was truly as great as He has told me I am, I would never wonder about the simplest of things. I would claim more. I would leap more. I would dream of more.

Christ has never failed me, and because of that, I seek refuge in Him. Whenever things go awry, I can find solitude within His word. Whenever I am feeling down, I’m reminded of my individuality through the kindness and warmth of his love through scripture. His power, the unwavering and intense power, fuels me to become the woman I am supposed to be. There’s something powerful about a woman who decides to find her strength within herself rather than a woman searching for her power within others.

We’re all running different races while trying to figure out how we’re going to make it while trying to discover what the plan is for our lives while balancing school and all that it entails. At the same time. That sentence is mouthful, I know, but it’s so relatable. It doesn’t come to me with surprise that weakness is the reactionary response. We should decide today to recognize the love and power that lives within us. God allows us to live without limits, so why shouldn’t we take advantage of His grace?

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”
— Hebrews 1:8

Yesterday, He loved us. Today, He loves us. Tomorrow, He will love us. Nothing will change. We have nothing to fear.


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