The Women I'm Thankful For

I hear stories of a woman named Bessie.

They say she was kind and warm.

They say she was brilliant.

They say she graduated from high school early,

Then went to college, became a teacher, and raised thirteen children.

I knew a woman named Edith

When old age had left her unable to know me.

But they say she was loving.

They say she was the center of her family.

They say she lost her mother at twelve years-old,

Then raised six children

And their children.

They say she even looked after me when I was too young to remember.

My Gramma Cathy

Is soft-spoken and beautiful.

My Gramma Cathy

Has a strength that is incomprehensible.

She is Bessie’s daughter-

My father’s mother.

My Gramma Betty

Is unapologetic and beautiful.

My Gramma Betty

Her generosity and love are incomprehensible.

She has a way of never failing to make her love seen and heard

And felt.

She is Edith’s daughter-

My mother’s mother.

My mother


Is beautiful and resilient and brilliant.

She loves and cares so deeply for those who are fortunate enough to know her.

She sees people and hears people and understands them.

She is forgiving in a way that I can’t begin to comprehend.

She has taught me how to be a black woman in this world.

She has taught me how to take pride in being a black woman in this world.

She has taught me to love being a black woman in this world.

They all have.

Lela Owens