Thick and heavy,
Her cloud cascades.
Dripping down thick stalks,
Through crackling soil
Finally, to lustful root.
Saturated and satisfied,
Her lush subjects sing.

Thick and heavy,
She opens her skies to bless him.
Gently ever so,
Dew drops overflow
From flicking tongue to throat.
He drinks. Yet,
He is not quenched.

Thick and heavy,
She bursts without cease.
He indulges fiercely
Surplus streaming down neck and chest.
Maddened craze, furious greed
Sink deep claws into her.

She strikes back.
Jagged flash,
Wretched crack,
The broken fall to knee.

Thick and heavy,
She rains supreme.
Descending sweet blessings
Upon grass blades, flower petals
And surfaces, scorched.
He suffers for every last
Drip that
Drops and
On the rims of his empty well.
HE will never be wet again.

by Taji Phillips