Writing for a Celebrated Black and Latino Online Publication?*

People have been overjoyed for my new position as a content creator for The Bridge. They see it as an outstanding publication and a perfect step towards what I want to write about in the future, which is social justice issues and my perspectives on life as a Japanese-American. However, it brings up the question, why me?

I have been asked this question various times when people congratulate me. They initially ask me why I am writing for a Black and Latino publication if I am not Black or Latino or if I feel weird writing for it. 

And the main answer I give is this: I have a totally different outlook and perspective on these issues. I am still a minority, but I have a different audience that other people may not have. My audience is directed towards non-minorities that either want to help and don’t know where to start or want more information on an issue that maybe they have not thought about partly because it doesn’t pertain to them. I have a foot in the door by having a Japanese mother and a White father. And I hope I can positively inspire both cultures to help voice these issues. 

If I can help change the world and provide a better world for future generations, I am going to act on it. The main reason that I celebrate my new position here is because I know that I am another person that wants to see the world move towards change. And I believe that despite your race, you can still make a change, and you can provide a new outlook that many people need to see. 

I believe that in order to make the change and see the change that you want to see, you must gather up all races and educate them to create more change that will essentially make our culture and society better. 

When I explained this to my friend, he immediately agreed and replied that he wished that more people understood this concept. I am glad that people can accept my idea and keep an open mind. And I hope that as my time as a content creator here, I can help influence others to speak out on issues that need to be heard. If everyone is on the same page in understanding justice and race issues, then we can help build equality for all.

by Sophie Kautz

*This work was not created by a Black or Latina woman, but pertains to the Bridge's mission.

Sophie Kautz