The Bridge seeks to build an online community for Black and Latina women through cross-cultural and cross-campus collaboration that celebrates their identities and allows them to reclaim agency over their narrative through creative expression.

Our vision is to redefine the online sphere into a positive and uplifting space for Black and Latina women.

Founded in 2016 by Chandler Philips, Eliza Moreno and Persis Bhadha at Duke University and University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, The Bridge is a growing, multi-faceted organization that allows the outside world to place its eyes on Black and Latina words, art, and poetry. By appreciating us, the world is joining us. And we are slowly changing it in the process.

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The Bridge is more than a publication. The BRidge is those who create: who write, film, dance, sing. The Bridge is you.



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Duke Applications will re-open spring 2020

one of the most wonderful opportunities for us is to be able to work with you! If you have enjoyed the site thus far and are interested in further engaging with our community as well as submitting your own work as an official member of our team, our Duke U. team will be accepting applications at the beginning of Spring Semester 2020 so stay tuned!

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UnDocumented Students guide

Affordable Colleges Online has an Undocumented Students Guide that includes how to get into and stay in college.

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If you know of any more, let us know!

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